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Serenity Counseling

Holistic Therapy

Begin your

Tired of feeling stuck? Struggling with depression and anxiety? Having a difficult time moving through grief and loss? Ready for a life transition? It may be time for THERAPY!

Traditional therapy (preferred) is offered in the office with close, intimate processing through clinical interventions.

Walk and Talk therapy is offered. Walk and talk therapy is exactly as it sounds. It's counseling in motion. Walking side by side, processing with your therapist as you move-literally and figuratively.

Teletherapy is offered by video or phone to provide the convenience of therapy in your own safe space while working through your journey. 

The serenity team

3b (1).jpg

Some of the anxiety people experience is merely getting started. A part of that is all the "what ifs",  including

 "What should I expect when I get to the office?"

Well, let us make that part easier. 

We have shared a video of our lobby and office experience!

Become familiar with the space where your journey will start!

See you soon!!

BY Appointment only

Monday 9:00-7:00

Tuesday 10:00-3:00

Wednesday 9:00-5:00

Thursday 10:00-5:00

Friday 9:00-5:00

Saturday 10:00-2:00

Sunday: Contact Office

OUR Location

1674 Hillyer Robinson Parkway Suite 1100   Oxford, Alabama 36203

Various Local and Designated Parks

Teletherapy Offered

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