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I'm Cotina Houston Stroud, a Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor.  Since receiving my Masters of Science in Community Agency Counseling from Jacksonville State University in 2003, I've worked in the counseling field in several different capacities. My experiences range from private practice counseling, family and child agency counseling and substance abuse counseling. I have met with clients in-home, in an office, in parks, wherever was convenient for them. This client centered approach resonated with me. 

My view of the function of counseling is as a journey of self-exploration by the client, meant to increase his/her level of self-understanding and self-awareness. I, as counselor, act as the guide or facilitator of this journey. My style of therapy is talk therapy, pure and simple. Dialogue between two human beings. My goal is to help you to focus on the relationship between mind, body and spirit: wholeness.

I am a real person, walking the journey of life, just like you. I have my own struggles, fears and obstacles and I am learning a little more every day how to lean into those with courage and vulnerability. I am married and have 5 children, 2 grandchildren and 3 fur babies. Counseling has been an invaluable tool for me in my own journey as I strive to live a full and joyful life.

It is important to know that my main mode of service providing is


However, here are also a few reasons you might consider walk & talk therapy. 


  1. Walk and Talk Therapy allows you to take the ACTUAL steps towards your goals. Every step moves you forward in life, moving ahead and leaving your past (issues) behind you.  You’re in control of your path, literally and figuratively. You’re also no longer just sitting. You're active. You're exercising. You're DOING something.

  2. You will feel better. Both therapy and exercise are linked to improved mood and a decrease in symptoms of depression and anxiety. Physical exercise releases endorphins, which naturally spark positive feelings that help to reduce levels of depression and anxiety and prevent depressive symptoms. Being in nature is not only restorative but can improve your positive outlook on life and your ability to cope and recover from stress and illness.  Walk and Talk Therapy leaves many people with improved self-esteem and sleep, and a greater overall sense of well-being.

  3. SELF-CARE! How many times have you said " I don't have time for that.  Life is busy, and carving out time for exercise, counseling and relaxation can be daunting. Walk and talk therapy is a convenient way to make progress in multiple areas of life that need tending. Multi-tasking while taking care of you. 

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